Shopping for holiday gifts is hard enough when you can ask friends or family what they’re hoping for. I’m not sure about your dogs, but mine have been pretty secretive with what they’re hoping to get for the holidays!

Fear not – I’ve put together a list of some of my dogs’ all time favorite treats, toys, chews, and accessories for some shopping inspiration.


Whether you have a picky pup or a chow hound, these treats are sure to get your dog’s tail wagging. They are all nutritionally complete, which means they’re less like junk food and more like an extra tasty but still healthy add on to their current meals.

Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers

These freeze dried chunks of joy are fantastic for dogs of all sizes. They can be broken up easily into small pieces or used whole. I prefer the Chicken and Beef flavors but will also use the Pork, as they hold their shape well in the bag or in a treat pouch, and are really easy to break apart as needed. The Salmon flavor seems very tasty for dogs but crumbles almost instantly when any pressure is applied so I find it frustrating to use.

Ziwi Peak Original Series

These flat, square treats are near-irresistable for my dogs and nearly every dog I’ve worked with. The flat shape means that they don’t roll or bounce too far, so they’re fantastic for any training exercises where you need to toss food. The whole size is perfect for medium to large dogs, or each square can easily be broken into 4-6 smaller pieces to be perfectly bite-sized for even the tiniest dog or puppy.


Sheepskin tug

I have used MANY dozens of tugs in my time as a trainer and dog sport competitor. From puppies to adult dogs of all sizes, real sheepskin tugs are the biggest hit and easiest toy to get dogs interested in playing tug with their humans. My all-time favorite sheepskin tugs are the ones from Dream Dogs Tug Toys online.

Why play tug? SO many reasons! It is a fantastic way to get your dog’s energy out, especially for bitey or mouthy puppies and adolescent dogs who just want to put their teeth on SOMETHING. It’s safer and easier on a dog’s body than fetch. It’s a great way to practice and reinforce the “drop it” cue. It can be used in place of treats as a reward, which is perfect if your dog gets full quickly, is picky with food, or is on a special diet. Playing tug also helps build engagement (aka getting your dog to actually listen and pay attention to you) quickly – sometimes more quickly than treats for especially play-motivated dogs!


Bully sticks

What are they made of? Beef! What part? The uh, part from a boy cow!

Ignoring the slight ickiness of what they’re made from, bully sticks are a great single ingredient chew to keep your dog busy and out of trouble. They can get stinky as they get wet from saliva, but the stink seems to make them extra delicious for dogs.

For safety, I buy the 12 inch long, thick bully sticks as these seem to last longer and have a lower risk of getting gulped in one bite. If your dog is known to gobble down objects or chews whole, check out the Bully Buddy product to prevent swallowing and make these safer for your dog. For my dogs (20 lbs – 50 lbs), one 12 inch thick bully stick lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.

Beef cheek rolls

Long lasting? Check. Healthy ingredients? Check. Delicious for dogs? Check. Not terribly expensive? Check.

I am so happy these have become more widely available in the past few years, they are an excellent alternative to rawhide chews (which are often processed with bleach and glue, and can cause intestinal blockages) and come in a good variety of flavors and sizes. I’ve used the rolls and flat squares and liked both, but the rolls last the longest in my household.

Your mileage may vary, but I’ve had beef cheek rolls that have survived intermittent chewing for up to a few months. Most of them last a few days to a week between my four dogs, which is still much longer than a bully stick typically lasts.


blue merle border collie wearing a black leather and rainbow rhinestone paco collar

Paco collars

Over a hundred dollars for a dog collar?? That’s nuts! Hear me out though – these collars are absolutely STUNNING, strong, and completely adventure proof. They come in a ton of sizes and designs, or you can order a fully custom collar, so you can get a collar that matches your dog’s personality exactly.

Oh, and also… not only do they have matching leashes, they also make matching bracelets, keychains, and belts for humans.

Klimb training platform

blue klimb elevated dog training platform with traction mat

These square plastic training platforms make training a rock solid stay significantly easier. They’re not magic, but the clear distinction between “on the platform” vs “off the platform” helps dogs grasp the concept of staying in place much more clearly vs teaching it on the ground. The legs unscrew and store in convenient slots under the platform, so when you’re not using it, it can easily be tucked into a closet or corner.

Flying Pig high velocity dryer

flying pig high velocity dryer for dog groomingOk, I’m not sure that your dog will actually love this one, but if you have a dog that sheds a lot or with curly hair that tangles easily, it will make your life easier. High velocity dryers are very different from human hair dryers – they have a significantly higher/faster flow of air, and a lower temperature to not burn your dog or make them uncomfortable. The noise can be concerning for some dogs (it’s about as loud as a human hair dryer or a blender), but you can muffle the sound by either putting the machine part inside and feeding the hose through a mostly-closed sliding door, or by using a Happy Hoodie on your dog’s head.

I highly recommend using this to dry your dog OUTSIDE if you have a dog that sheds. Once you see it blasting the hair off… you will thank me.


As a note – I am not being sponsored by any of these brands to promote these products. These are my unbiased recommendations based on what I use and love with my own dogs, and what I know your dogs will love too!